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Two of the bedrock disciplines of the Christian life that are most important for spiritual growth are daily prayer and Bible reading.


There are many ways to pray, and many ways to read through scripture. Below are some suggested links that draw on our Episcopal/Anglican prayer traditions, as well as traditions of others. They also include ways of reading and/or reflecting on scripture day by day.


If you'd like more information about praying the Daily Office, Fr. Haney offers some basic tips in the attached pdf file.


Disclaimer: While the following links are connected to helpful spiritual resources, the total content of each website is the sole responsibility of their individual owners. Every part of every website may or may not reflect the mission or opinions of St. Paul’s on the Plains Episcopal Church.


Episcopal Morning and Evening Prayer (the Daily Office) with Biblical readings (lectionary) in full for the day:

The Daily Office

The Daily Office--Wordpress

The Daily Office--Mission St. Clare

Note—these sites have slight variations—mainly the first two offer the service in one continuous page, the third offers links to each section of the day's service. Fr. Haney uses the first predominantly, on both his computer and iPhone.

St. Bede's Breviary—allows you to generate a service after choosing numerous options

Podcasts and mp3—there are several podcasts available
If you use iTunes, simply select "podcasts" and search for "Episcopal Morning Prayer."
One direct link for streaming audio is from a church in Maryland with a priest who is a former radio announcer:

The "Old Fashioned" Way
If you'd like to pray the Daily Office using an actual printed
Book of Common Prayer and a Bible, Fr. Haney offers some specific advice and "how to's".


Morning and Evening Prayer from the Episcopal Church's Mother Church, the Church of England:

Morning Prayer from the Church of England

Evening Prayer from the Church of England

Traditional and Modern forms of Morning and Evening Prayer


These sites are daily devotionals done by Episcopalians:

Forward Day by Day: A meditation on one of the Episcopal Church's scripture readings for the day

Speaking to the Soul: daily readings about Episcopal saints, and other writings

Geranium Farm: ALMOST daily meditations


Daily devotionals from non-Episcopalian traditions:

Upper Room: daily devotional

Our Daily Bread: devotional


Link to many other Episcopal and non-Episcopal Resources:

Anglicans Online


Spiritual Resources